On. Demand.

She’s 15 minutes late and I’m fidgeting with my phone at O’Nieals SoHo, unsure if the flowers are overkill, and waiting to order the oysters at just the right time so that they will be served moments after she arrives. Wednesday was my first ‘Hinge’ date.

For the past 6 months I’ve said ‘Like’ or ‘Nope’ to probably over 1000 girls on Tinder, which is fun. But I never followed through with any matches. Why? Because besides the self-curated best-version of self images Tinder shares, I know absolutely nothing about these girls. They could be beautiful but dumb as bricks or beautiful and crazy. The only thing I know is that they’re beautiful, and there are a lot of beautiful girls in Manhattan. Not all of them deserve 4 hours of my company over dinner.

Hinge is different. Hinge presents you with people who are friends of your friends or 3rd degree connections. Since most of my friends are Manhattanites, college educated, and pretty awesome, I think this is a good start.

Next week I’m going on a group date with 2 friends through Grouper (www.grouper.com). My first impression of Grouper was that it was for people who were just too shy to approach girls at bars and that’s why I resisted joining for 12 months. But I’ve realized that Grouper is actually pretty fucking amazing. It’s dating on demand, with no pressure, no obligation, and in the company of your guy friends (not to mention you’re actually getting a date w/three girls, not one). It’s stress free and at the date and time of my choosing.  This may be the best thing ever.

What’s really amazing is how there is very little left in life that isn’t on-demand. TV? On-demand. Private driver? Uber. Private plane? NetJets. Food? Seamless. Entertainment? Netflix. A nice ride for the day? Zipcar. News? Pulse. Social interaction? Facebook. A house/apartment anywhere in the world? AirBNB.

And now dating.


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