Monthly Archives: February 2014

All The Beautiful People

Have you noticed that Tinder and Hinge show a disproportionately high percentage of attractive people? Swiping through Tinder is the electronic equivalent of being a guy at the UCA Nationals: hotties everywhere.  Have you also noticed that the first people Tinder shows you are almost always matches if you like them? I’ve noticed:

  1. The first people Tinder shows you are almost always a match if you like them back. 
  2. Tinder ranks your attractiveness based on how often people of the other gender ‘like’ or ‘dislike’ you using an Elo rating system (this is an educated guess)
  3. We know that people can be penalized on Tinder and will see ‘there is no one in you area’ when obviously this isn’t the case. 

The Elo rating part is very cool because it also means that Tinder can predict with  good accuracy whether or not two people will match aesthetically. But that gives no clue as to whether the people are actually a good match. It also means that Tinder can show everyone lots of very attractive people (less likely to match with, most of us) and in doing so make using the app more fun. It makes sense, would you keep Tindering if you saw mostly unattractive people? This is part of their secret sauce.